Cubola blinds

The perfect connection between your home and your garden

The Cubola, the contemporary freestanding awning. Derived from the Italian word ‘cubo’, meaning cube. This directly relates to its appearance as the Cubola is square or rectangular in shape and features distinctive square uprights. Thanks to its design, this unique awning effortlessly blends into any living environment. With its adjustable angle, the Cubola can be opened in various positions, such as angled or flat, and everything in between. It is a state-of-the-art pergola awning!

Van Poppel Montage is a Somfy Expert
To provide ample shade, you can connect it on all four sides without limits. The maximum dimensions – width x depth x height – are 6000x4000x3000 mm. You can choose from the standard colours RAL 9010 white and RAL 7016 anthracite-textured or opt for any RAL colour for an additional fee.

Sun & rain

The Dutch Design

The Dutch Design can be partially lowered on one side to protect against low sun or to allow rainwater to drain off. In the closed position, the cassette protects the fabric from the weather, making the Cubola a valuable addition to its surroundings.

It is also possible to expand with the SolidScreen, which acts as a windbreak and provides extra privacy.

Sleek appearance

Cubola Solidare

For an even sleeker look, you can choose the Cubola Solidare. It is equipped with a zip system that encloses the fabric completely.


The Cubola

Endless possibilities

The Cubola can be installed in various ways. Do you want a freestanding Cubola? A wall mounted Cubola? Or even multiple Cubolas linked together? It is all possible. Inquire about the extensive possibilities and explore this modern pergola awning.


The Cubola in action

Our process

Below is an overview of what you can expect when you choose a Cubola blinds from Van Poppel Montage

Measure appointment
Order materials
Install appointment
5 years warranty

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