Altera louverd roof

The Ultimate Flexible Outdoor Space

The Altera louvered roof is a reliable and modern protection against sun and rain. The strong and elegant aluminum structure can be installed freestanding or mounted against the wall, and it is linkable.

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The Altera canopy is designed and developed with user-friendliness in mind. The durable aluminum louvers can be rotated up to 125°, creating a beautiful play of light on the terrace. Tilting the louvers is easily done through electric control or automatically with a sun and wind sensor. In addition to protection against sunlight, it also effectively repels a rain shower. The louvers are equipped with special rubber seals, ensuring a virtually waterproof system and preventing contact noise. Moreover, the louvered roof has an integrated gutter, allowing for drainage of rainwater.

By expanding the system with the SolidScreen, the terrace is well-protected against wind, sun, and rain on the sides as well. This makes the Altera louvered roof the ultimate flexible outdoor space.

Sun protection and canopy ​

Ultimate flexible outdoor space

The Altera, ‘the ultimate flexible outdoor space.’ A hybrid between a sunshade and a (freestanding) canopy, consisting mainly of aluminum profiles. This makes the Altera not only sun-blocking but also water-resistant and highly durable.

To recycle


The Altera is a sustainable product. It is mainly made of aluminum profiles and other recyclable materials. When properly maintained, the Altera serves as a reliable sun protection solution for many years.

If the Altera does require replacement, its use of the same materials allows for nearly complete recycling. This is beneficial for both humans and the environment.

Unique properties

The benifits

Get to know the Altera louverd roof


The Altera louvered roof can be installed in as many as 8 different configurations. It can be freestanding, wall-mounted, and even linked together. The louvers themselves can be positioned both parallel and perpendicular. The choice you make depends on the orientation of your canopy. For personalized advice, feel free to consult Van Poppel Montage.

Our process

Below is an overview of what you can expect when choosing an Altera louvered roof sunshade from Van Poppel Montage.

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5 years warranty

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