Sun protection

Enjoying the Shade at Any Time of Day

Outdoor living, a compound word that perfectly encapsulates the essence of our awning products. When the sun emerges, the temptation to open all windows and doors or venture outside to relish the pleasant weather arises. But why stop there? Increasingly, people are opting to bring this sensation into their homes, allowing them to linger outside a little longer during summer with family or close friends. The barbecue lasts a bit longer, and the final bottle is uncorked. It is that sense of savouring the outdoors within the confines of your own garden. Our sun protection products undeniably enrich your outdoor lifestyle.

Van Poppel Montage: The Sun Protection Specialist in Eindhoven and Veldhoven

Sun protection also ensures that you can enjoy the refreshing outdoor air and the view of your exquisite garden in a shaded manner. In addition to providing a cool terrace, it helps maintain a pleasant temperature within your home and safeguards your furniture against discoloration caused by the intense sun rays. We offer a wide range of options in terms of appearance and user-friendliness.

Why Sun protection?

In this video, the key features of sun protection are highlighted in various situations. Protection, savings, decoration, and comfort are often one or more of the reasons to purchase sun protection.

Roller shutters, in addition to their energy-saving insulation properties in both summer and winter, also provide important security against burglary. The insulating effect also brings along a sound-dampening function.

What our customers say about us

Some reviews from satisfied customers, left on our Google business page.

Very satisfied with our glass sliding wall installation in veranda. Competitive prices, neat installation and good service. If there is something, it is quickly and neatly resolved. Workmen do their best. We are very satisfied with the way of working and the result.

Yogesh Bhole

Super beautiful screen doors made! The assembly was not easy in our apartment, but Kevin thought along very well, laid out an extra strip and in the end it was ready in no time and very beautiful! And he came to assemble it quickly before his holiday so that we didn't have to wait a few more weeks in the warm summer months. So very good service! We use it a lot and are very happy with it.

Ste Pe

Real craftsmanship delivered by Kevin van Poppel assembly. He thinks along with the possibilities. Works very accurately. Let us know everything in time and respond quickly. He installed shutters for us. And put a veranda in the back of the garden. The material he uses is of good quality. In short: For roller shutters and conservatories I recommend Kevin without a doubt.

Johan van de Heuvel

We are very satisfied with the installation of the mosquito nets and the screen. It looks very nice and neat. Kevin is very skilled and he also thinks along to offer the best possible solution. A winner!

Joan Gerrits

We wanted to give our daughter an awning as a gift and ended up at Van Poppel in Eindhoven. We now live in the Veluwe ourselves, but Van Poppel installed a beautiful awning this month to the complete satisfaction of our daughter and son-in-law. We never met Kevin or even had to pay a deposit, which I really appreciated. In short, we are all very satisfied with Van Poppel in Eindhoven for installing an awning, an excellent and reliable address.

Dik Rustenburg

Deliberately chose Van Poppel assembly because of the good reviews. We have installed a roller shutter and various insect screens. Excellent price-quality ratio with top products! Positive reactions from the street here about the work done. I will definitely call again when screens can be placed!

Coen Elfrink
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