Zipper screen

The perfect awning for visual comfort and longevity

The Zipper Screen is an incredibly popular sunshade. Not only does it effectively block solar heat, but it also provides visual comfort by allowing diffused light and maintaining an unobstructed view outside. Additionally, the system has been successfully tested at wind speeds of up to 145 km/h (12 Beaufort) and has achieved the highest durability and wind load class in TÜV tests. As a result, the Zipper Screen is highly suitable for sun protection in high-altitude areas.

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The Zipper Screen gets its name from the zipper-guided fabric feature. In the closed position, the Zipper Screen is completely sealed. With its vertical installation, it covers the entire glass surface, effectively blocking unwanted light and heat. This leads to significant energy savings of up to 30%. It has undergone positive wind resistance testing up to 145 km/h (von Karman Institute) and is also resistant to insects.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature is that you can enjoy all these benefits without sacrificing your view of the outside. Thanks to the special weave of Tibelly screen fabric, you maintain your outside view while preventing anyone from seeing inside.

Standard electric operation

Zip screen

There are two options for operation. Will you choose the wall switch or a remote control? The Zipper Screen can be operated via a wall switch, remote control, or even through a smartphone or tablet app with Somfy Smart Home.

Durable sun protection

Zip screen

A zip screen, as the name suggests, incorporates a zip. Zip screens are electrically operated as a standard feature. Unlike a regular screen, the Zipper Screen has a zip in a guided system and cannot be manually operated.

Various sizes, types, and colours


The Zipper Screen is crafted from durable materials and offers extra stability, such as double bearings in different protrusions and a special hood support for larger widths.

To minimize fabric marking, an upper tube with a recessed fabric slot is available for this outdoor awning.

Durable sun protection

Zip screen types

In addition to the Standard Zipper Screens, Van Poppel Montage provides the following Zipper Screens:

Enhanced screen technology

Improved Zip

The Improved Zip is a unique and patented zip system that ensures better fabric retention within the guides. This makes the Solar Zip wind-resistant and less affected by irregularities. The direct result of using the Improved Zip is the elimination of unsightly bumps that typically form on the fabric at the sides of the guides, extending to the full height.


Visitex is an innovative method of attaching the fabric to the bottom rail, allowing for a seamless and weld seam-free appearance. This visual detail contributes to a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.


The newly developed Zipfix fabric tube mounting system ensures that there are no visible horizontal printing lines on the fabric.

Our process

Here is an overview of what you can expect when you choose a Zipfix Sunshade from Van Poppel Montage.

Measure appointment
Order materials
Install appointment
7 years warranty

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