Solaise Solar zipper screens

Zip screens fully powered by solar energy.

Vertical screens have gained significant popularity as residential sun protection over the past 20 years. With the introduction of the zip screen (wind-resistant system) about 15 years ago, sun-blocking screens have become a reliable solution for managing energy consumption and indoor climate. Zip screens are also aesthetically pleasing and can complement any building facade. The sun-blocking fiberglass fabrics effectively block harmful sun rays and optimize heat and light reduction, ensuring a comfortable indoor temperature for your home.

Ritsscreens are primarily used to block out heat (approximately 85% to 90%) and reduce glare (glare control). They also provide protection against harmful UV rays (UV protection), safeguarding the interior. Depending on the fabric type, sun rays can be reflected, absorbed, or filtered to different degrees. Screendoeken offer excellent visibility from the inside to the outside, while obstructing outside views effectively (during the day). Additionally, ritsscreens are used to create a sleek and stylish appearance for the building facade. With Solarzip, you can enjoy a perfectly taut fabric, ensuring a harmonious balance with the exterior facade.

Zip screens

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Solar zip screens




Solarzip exclusively utilizes the unique fiberglass fabrics from the finest European weavers to achieve optimal heat and light control. You have a choice of over 70 different fabric colors, each with varying degrees of transparency (1%, 5%, 10%).

Zip screens


Technical specifications.

We equip the electrically operated roller shutters with standard Somfy Ilmo or Somfy Rs100io motors. Here are the advantages:

Maximum width: 4000mm / maximum height: 2800mm.

Motor: Radio-controlled solar motor Bubendorff 12V, including 1 handheld remote control.

206 RAL colors (including 14 fine structure colors) available at no extra cost.

Control options: group control, 4-channel transmitter with integrated timer.

Solarzip is equipped with Improved Screen Technology.

Housing shape: square - 103mm x 103mm.

The surface-mounted solar cell is always located on the right side, from the interior perspective, or with a separate solar cell for windows in the shade or under a balcony.

Guides: 40mm x 29mm.

Garantie: 5 jaar op alle onderdelen. Ook op de accu, zonnecel en motor.

Also available on 230V: Hybrid (built-in battery provides approximately 10 movements during power outage), including 1 handheld remote control.

Our process

Below is an overview of what you can expect when choosing a Solaise Solar Zip Screen from Van Poppel Montage:

Measure appointment
Order materials
Install appointment
7 years warranty

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