Skylight screens

The awning specifically developed for skylights

The Skylight Screen (SolidSky) has been specially designed for skylights. This sunshade incorporates the same zip technology found in our proven SolidScreen products, making the SolidSky highly wind-resistant and extremely durable.

Van Poppel Montage is a Somfy Expert
The SolidSky stands out with its compact design: the box has a dimension of 105 mm, and the guide profiles are extra slim. This unique feature makes the SolidSky significantly lighter in overall construction and allows for quieter opening and closing compared to an average skylight awning, all without compromising its strength. Consequently, the SolidSky can be mounted with just four supports, making the installation simple and effective.


Various types and sizes


The SolidSky is available in different standard RAL colours, and other RAL colours can be requested.

It comes with a zip fastened Soltis Lounge 96 fabric as standard, offering a choice of 21 different colours.

Suitable for tall heights and windy conditions


By incorporating a sturdy cord tensioner and spring system, the screen highly becomes wind resistant. These clever components ensure that the bottom rail and fabric are under tension in every position, preventing rattling of the bottom rail and the fabric from blowing up. This feature makes the screen perfect for use in high-altitude areas and places with strong winds. The wind-resistant screen is electrically operated.

Our process

Here is an overview of what you can expect when you choose a skylight screen from Van Poppel Montage.

Measure appointment
Order materials
Install appointment
5 years warranty

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