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For over 25 years, Boretti has been active in the Dutch market, representing the Italian lifestyle. Boretti is renowned for its high-quality products, Italian design, the ‘passion in outdoor kitchens,’ and a love for the Italian Culinary Lifestyle.


Origins of Boretti

Initially, Boretti focused on selling range cookers, with the first one being produced in 1995. It quickly became a tremendous success. Building on this, Boretti expanded its range to include indoor and outdoor kitchen products. To enhance the experience, they also developed a wide variety of culinary accessories. With every product, Boretti adds an Italian touch to dishes, espressos, or aperitivos. By doing so, Boretti brings the perfect Italian lifestyle to life, fulfilling all your gastronomic desires.

The Italian taste, the passion that permeates their lives, and the worldwide prominence of high-quality Italian design are fundamental values that Boretti incorporates into all its products.

Create the Italian Culinary lifestyle in your own home.

Discover high-quality outdoor kitchens with distinct Italian design, providing ample space to indulge in culinary pleasures.

A powerful blend of authentic materials and functional elegance.

Boretti outdoor kitchens

Italian ambiance

Boretti brings the Italian atmosphere to your kitchen, ensuring optimal ease of use. Every detail has been carefully considered, with each element serving a purpose and boasting exceptional design. By choosing Boretti, you opt for enduring quality, a product that consistently exceeds your expectations. When it comes to culinary pleasure, people around the world have their own interpretations. However, Italy is often the first place that comes to mind. And rightfully so. For Italians, life revolves around taste: authentic products and good food. Our goal is to enhance the culinary enjoyment of every kitchen enthusiast, making it more delightful, beautiful, and effortless. This is achieved through the creation of high-quality products in unique Italian designs for indoor and outdoor use. Boretti transforms every kitchen into a cucina and every garden into a giardino.

With Boretti, you create a special space where you can enjoy, gather, and create memories.

Boretti's Italian Culinare Lifestyle

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